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People's University YOGA: Class 4, YOGA & HEALTH

February 15, 2024
7:00pm - 8:30pm

People's University YOGA: Class 4, YOGA & HEALTH

Feb. 15, Class 4, YOGA & HEALTH

In honor of American Heart Month, Registered Nurse and yoga teacher, Emily, will celebrate the importance of creating a heart healthy lifestyle through the practice of yoga.  In this workshop, students will explore Heart Chakra balancing poses, breathing techniques to decrease stress, and practice a meditation aimed to down-regulate the busy nervous system and activate the power of the vagus nerve.  

Instructor: Emily Daugherty is a Registered Nurse, yoga teacher, and life-long student dedicated to helping others reach their wellness goals through lifestyle, wellness, and community. She has two decades of yoga practice. Emily specializes in chair-based yoga classes, Vinyasa flow, and sound healing. Her holistic approach to yoga focuses on mind, body, and spirit. Visit her website: 



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