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Download our free app today to receive real-time alerts, catch up on news, view upcoming events and track important dates. The OCPL Connect App also provides access to search for team contacts, finding directions to our locations and more! Download the OCPL Connect App for free from the App Store (for iOS devices & iPhones) and Google Play (for Android devices & phones).

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  • Real-time news, events, and alerts keep you informed and connected
  • Preferences allow you to view the content and alerts that interest you
  • Remember important events by adding them to your device calendar
  • Search our full directory to call or e-mail our staff
  • View our street address, get map directions, and find out how far away from the Library you are with our Location
  • Easily share news and events via text, e-mail or social networks
  • Explore our full Web site from within the app
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